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  • Renalzin Paste

    Chronic Kidney Disease is a long-term condition in cats but with proper managment, cats can live long and happy lives. The earlier it is detected and treated, the better.

    Renalzin contains the phosphorus binder lanthanum carbonate and is specifically formulated for cats. Renalzin works by reducing the uptake of excess phosphorus in the diet. Controlling phosphorus helps to protect the kidneys and slow the progression of kidney disease.

    Phosphorus control is beneficial at any stage of kidney disease. Your vet may introduce a low phosphate diet as well as recommending Renalzin.

    The kidneys cleanse the blood by filtering out waste products. When a cat's kidneys are not functioning properly, these waste products can build up and make your cat feel very poorly.

    Renalzin is an easy to administer paste specifically formulated for cats. Renalzin Paste for Cats does not change the flavour of food, do your cat can enjoy his/her normal diet

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