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  • Bakers Complete
    Baker’s Complete Dog Food: The Doggylious® ExperienceBaker’s Complete Dog Food is manufactured by Purina, a company that has a history of over two centuries of pet care. What differentiates Baker’s from other dog foods is its wet but not really wet texture. Made up of moist and meaty chunks, as well as crunchy kibble, Baker’s Dog Food offers the benefits of both wet and dry food in one meal. Among the reasons for the popularity of this brand are its low price and attractive packaging. The good news is that dogs seem to love it. So, if you have a fussy eater on your hands, this is one brand you can fall back on.Baker’s Complete Dog Food for All Life Stages1. Baker’s Complete Puppy – Since puppies need nutrients that will help them grow into healthy adults, the right balance of proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, essential fats and water is included in the Baker’s Complete Puppy formula. Apart from this, to ensure that the pup develops strong bones and teeth, this formula includes the right amounts of calcium, iron and Vitamin D. This formula recognizes and supports the growth bursts that all puppies experience. Baker’s Complete Puppy formulations also understand that puppies need smaller kibble than adult dogs and that the it should be easy to chew and help to release all the vital nutrients.You can choose from the Tasty Beef and Country Vegetables or the Chicken and Vegetables formulas. The Gravy Bites meal offers the choice of adding gravy to dry food, while the Meaty Meal contains tender meaty chunks.All these formulas contain: • Energy – from cereals, packed with carbohydrates • Protein – from high quality sources to promote growth and muscle development • Iron – for healthy bones and blood • Vitamin D and Minerals – for healthy and strong bones and teeth • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – for healthy skin and shiny coat2. Baker’s Complete Adult – With the right balance of the essential nutrients, this range can be started once your pet reaches the age of 12 months. While dogs are primarily carnivores, they cannot survive on meat alone. The right balance of cereals, vegetables and meat will ensure the health of your adult dog. The Baker’s Complete Adult range can be given right till the dog reaches the end of his sixth year of life. This is when you would need to move to providing food that is suitable to mature or senior dogs. You might also need to provide a special diet if your dog is pregnant or lactating.You can choose the protein source that you and your dog prefer because Baker’s Complete Adults comes in beef, chicken, lamb, rabbit, duck and even bacon and liver flavors. The ingredients ensure: • Protein – from high quality sources • Fiber – to aid digestion and provide iron • Energy – from carbohydrate rich cereals • Vitamin D and minerals – for strong bones and healthy teethYou can also choose between wet and dry meals with the Gravy Bites formula. All you need to do is to add warm or cold water and get the gravy coating on the dry kibble. You can also choose to give your dog succulent meaty chunks with the Meaty Meal formula. Baker’s Complete Adult dog food also includes food that is specifically formulated for small dogs. Smaller breeds tend to have a faster metabolism and need an energy rich diet. On the other hand, you can protect your dog from being overweight and avoid all the health problems associated with obesity with the Baker’s Complete Weight Control diet. This diet ensures that your dog does not miss out on any vital nutrients while controlling his weight.3. Baker’s Complete Senior – Once your dog reaches the age of 7, you need to start thinking of his needs as a mature dog. You will notice that he is beginning to slow down, and is not as energetic as he was in his younger days. Just like human beings, dogs too tend to become more vulnerable to ailments that are typical of old age. The right diet can help you keep your dog healthy and build his immune system to combat and delay the aging process. Therefore, the food that you give your mature dog should contain ingredients that are easy to digest and have the right mix of nutrients to keep him trim and healthy. This is why Baker’s Complete Senior range includes protein sources that are low in fat, such as chicken, easily digestible carbohydrates, such as rice, and mineral, antioxidants and vitamins C and E to promote healthy bones and joints and to strengthen the immune system. In addition, the kibble is smaller and easier to chew.Baker’s Complete Senior dog food is characterized by: • 15% smaller chunks and kibble, as when compared to the adult products • Protein – from high quality sources to help sustain the dog’s health • Lower in fat – to prevent weight gain as the dog become less active • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – to support healthy skin and a shiny coatYou can choose from the chicken or beef meals or give your dog the Gravy Bites advantage.Whatever you choose to feed your dog, remember to buy Baker’s Complete Dog Food online and have the items delivered to your doorstep.
  • Burns
    Burns Pet Food: A Holistic Approach to Animal HealthEstablished over a decade ago, Burns Pet Health, Inc is based in Valparaiso, Indiana, and has a name for itself with its healthy pet food. The company prides itself on the balance of traditional Chinese herbal science and macrobiotic principles it follows to formulate its varied line of pet food. However, before you go out and buy Burns pet food, here is some useful information about the products and how your four legged family member can benefit from them.Burns Pet Food: The Natural Approach Recognized by the Whole Dog Journal as a provider of approved pet food, Burns’ entire focus is on providing holistic nutrition to dogs, cats and even rabbits through natural pet products. Although one might wonder whether to trust a small, privately owned company with the welfare of one’s pet, Burns pet food is manufactured in small quantities but with greater frequency. This means that you can be sure that you are buying fresh products that have not been stored in some warehouse for long periods of time.Burns Pet Health sources human grade ingredients that are rich in the necessary vitamins and minerals for all stages of an animal’s life, as well as for all types of breeds and sizes of dogs. All the ingredients are sourced within the United States and are free of artificial preservatives and additives, as well as antibiotics, hormones and by-products. If you buy Burns dog food or cat food, you can also be certain that the food is allergy free. The company does not use pork, beef, soy, corn or wheat in any of its recipes. Additionally, all the products are tested by four independent laboratories for food allergies and contamination.Burns Pet Food: Benefits offered by Healthy Dog Food For most of us who have dogs as pets, they are more a part of the family than many human family members! We spend a large part of our time and money taking care of our furry children’s needs. Therefore, there is no argument that their food should be chosen well. Here are the top benefits your dog stands to gain when you choose to buy Burns dog food.1. Mentally alert and better behaved – A dog that received the required quota of nutrients each day will tend to be less irritable and distracted. Such dogs have been observed to be more attentive, alert yet calm. An even tempered pet can be a huge boon to any family. 2. Healthy coat – Malnutrition will affect the coat and skin of your pet. You are likely to face problems such as flaky skin, hair fall and a visibly shabby coat on your dog when the food is not well balanced. With sufficient and well balanced nutrients, specifically selected for the age, size and breed of dog, you will notice that the color and sheen of the animal’s coat visibly improves. 3. Prolonged life span – Research has proved unequivocally that diet makes a significant difference to the longevity of both humans and dogs. Moreover, your dog is less likely to be vulnerable to health related complications and illnesses.Burns Pet Food: Best for Specific Dog AilmentsBurns Pet Food is known to be a high carbohydrate and low protein dog food. It is a good choice for dogs suffering from:• Arthritis • Eczema or itchy skin • Waxy ears and/or runny eyes • Chewing Feet • Hot Spots • Colitis • Epilepsy • Tooth tartar and/or bad breath • Anal gland related problems, such as overfull glands • Cushing’s disease • Pancreanitis • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Excess shedding • HyperactivityThere are three holistic dog foods available – Brown Rice and Chicken, Brown Rice and Ocean Fish (herring) and Mini Bites.Burns Pet Food: Buy Burns Cat Food for Holistic Nutrition Burns cat food is a combination of Chinese and Western herbal science, used to create food that promotes health in all breeds of cats.Similar to the dog food, when you buy Burns cat food, you can be sure that you are purchasing high quality, natural food that will promote your cat’s immunity to common ailments and:• Healthy coat and skin • Clear, bright eyes • Healthy bones and muscles • Regular sleep • Energy • Healthy teeth and gums • Regular bowel movementsSo, the next time you are shopping for a well balanced choice of food for your cat or dog, buy Burns Pet Food. You can even order your stock online and save yourself from having to travel to stores looking for pet food and then lugging the heavy bags back home.
  • Cesar
    The relationships we share with our dogs are special. That’s why, at Cesar, we carefully prepare wonderfully delicious recipes that give dogs everything they need to feel loved and stay healthy. It’s our way of helping you show them just how much you care.
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  • Coachies
  • Eukanuba
    Eukanuba was launched in 1969 by Paul Iams. The name was based on the popular word, Eukanuba (You-Kan-Noo-Bah), from the jazz era that signified being the best or “supreme”. Today this brand of pet food is owned and manufactured by Procter and Gamble and offers seven different formulas of dog food, based on the age, breed and performance needs of the animal. Eukanuba is an active member of the huge dog lovers’ worldwide. It sponsors the prestigious AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, one of the most prestigious US dog shows. The brand also hosts the Eukanuba World Challenge that usually sees dog entrants from more than 50 nations across the world.All of Eukanuba’s dog food formulas are based on the Eukanuba Vital Health System™. This system focuses on clinically proven ingredients that work together to enhance the health and performance of the dog. Apart from this, you can also buy Eukanuba cat food, which comes in 10 different formulas for kittens, adult cats, cats with sensitive stomachs, cats that need weight control, formulas to help with hairballs, formulas that are meant for indoor and outdoor cats, as well as food specifically designed for mature pets.Buy Eukanuba for its Vital Health System™ All formulas of Eukanuba pet food are based on the nutritional benefits that they offer for your dog. With the right balance of protein, calcium, fiber and fat, Eukanuba dog food comes provides health benefits through its Vital Health System™ for all breeds, life stages and lifestyles that characterize your pet. The six areas that Eukanuba’s Vital Health System™ focuses on include the following:1. Strong Defenses –The defense mechanisms that help your dog build immunity include its skin and coat, as well as the lining of its digestive tract. The second line of defense is, of course, its antibodies and 30 billion immune cells that circulate through the blood stream. With formulas that are rich in antioxidants, such as Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, Eukanuba dog food helps to strengthen the defense system. FOS is a clinically proven prebiotic that promotes strong defenses in your dog. The FOS content is Eukanuba’s dog food strengthens the digestive tract, and creates a good balance between the good and bad bacteria.2. Skin and Coat – The skin and coat of your dog is a good indicator of the state of his health, as well as his vitality and nutritional status. The Eukanuba formulas contain proteins from egg, fish, lamb and chicken. Apart from this, when you buy Eukanuba dog food, you can be sure that each meal your dog has contains ingredients that are vital for a healthy coat and skin, such as: • Essential amino acids from the protein content in the food • Omega 6 fatty acids for better texture and shine of the coat, as well as for strengthening the skin barrier against diseases. • Omega 3 fatty acids also help promote health skin and coat. • Zinc for better wound healing and protein metabolism • Copper for protein synthesis, tissue and pigment health and cell protection • Vitamin A for healthy skin. • Vitamin B2 for a healthy coat. • Vitamin C for collagen formation and wound healing. • Vitamin E for skin protection against oxidants. • Biotin for protein and fat metabolism and better utilization of proteins and fatty acids by the body.3. Lean Muscles – Healthy muscles ensure good mobility and functionality in your dog. Eukanuba coupled with regular exercise will ensure that your dog has strong, lean muscles that keeps your dog in good shape and helps him enjoy an active life. The animal based proteins in Eukanuba dog food provide the complete amino acid profile needed for strong, healthy muscles. The L-carnitine content in these formulas act as a natural fat burner.4. Digestive Health – The natural fiber content in these formulas promote digestive health, as well as better absorption of nutrients by the body. Eukanuba uses beet pulp to support digestion and to provide nourishment to the cells of the intestines. Beet pulp also improves stool quality and the absorption of nutrients.5. Bone Health – Eukanuba dog food contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to promote joint and cartilage health. The ingredient together with the Calcium content help to promote health bone development. Natural sources of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine provide the natural building blocks of muscle mass and healthy cartilage. The calcium and other nutrient content are tailored to the specific needs of different dog breeds and life stages.6. DentaDefence® - This can help reduce the buildup of tartar by almost 55% within a span of 28 days. Tartar can be much more difficult to remove than plaque, and together these two can build up to cause various oral problems in dogs. Eukanuba DentaDefence® helps promote a healthy mouth by preventing bad breath, eating difficulties, loss of teeth and gum inflammation and preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar.You can actually simplify the process of keeping your dog healthy when you buy Eukanuba dog food online. You can choose from the wide range of products on offer and have the stock delivered right to your doorstep.
  • Hills
    Hills Dog FoodWhen it comes to your pet, you want only the best for it. The health of your beloved canine depends very largely on the diet you choose for it. Many pet owners question the benefits of specialized pet food. Let us begin by establishing that every brand of pet food has its own benefits. Here we shall take a look at Hills Pet Food.Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a subsidiary of Colgate-Palmolive, founded in 1948 after a Veterinarian created a special food to help treat the kidney problems being faced by a guide dog. The company is a leading producer of premium pet food and is popular in the US, Japan and 90 other countries worldwide. What is special about this brand of pet food is that it offers a Science Diet® and a Prescription Diet® geared to meet specific dietary needs of cats and dogs. While the former can be bought online and offline at any pet food store or from a Vet, the latter is only available through a Vet or Online Pharmacy, since it is a therapeutic product. Hill’s also manufactures and sells healthy animal treats.The Benefits of Hills Pet Food The biggest benefit of feeding your pet Hills Pet Food is that you can choose from a very large range of products. The brand caters to dogs and cats of every size, shape, age, disposition and health condition. What we have here is list of benefits based on various categories of food:Prescription Diet®: Hills Pet Food caters to the various health needs of canines and felines. The prescription diet range comes is a large variety that has food for overweight and underweight pets, along with mineral and nutrient specific diets for special problems. This diet plan can also be used for animals that are diabetic because it helps to regulate the blood glucose levelsScience Diet®: The Science Diet® range caters to the regular dietary needs of canines and felines. Hills Pet Food offers three types of pet food under this category, such as dry, canned and kibble. There are many delicious flavors for your pet to enjoy! This diet not only helps to meet the daily nutritional needs of your pet, but helps avoid unwanted or excess nutrients, such as salt and fat, which can be harmful to the animal over time. The Science Diet® provides cats and dogs with a balance of 50 nutrients that is required at each stage of the animal’s life. This diet also helps reduce the amount of waste produced by the animals, which leads to less mess, less odor, and therefore a lower need to clean up. While being a great advantage to homes with pets, this is actually a huge benefit for animal shelters. With a more inviting shelter, the animals are healthier and better looking, leading to faster adoptions. There are several other advantages of choosing the Science Plan offered by Hill’s. These include: • Promoting a healthier immune system through clinically proven and powerful antioxidant formula. • Specific products depending on the life stage of the animal ensures that the nutritional needs are met and the pet stays in peak health. Even mature pets are more alert and healthy with this plan. • With the price almost equivalent to buying a cup of coffee each day, you can help your pet receive the highest quality pet food without having to break the bank! • Great taste is ensured through the use of the best raw materials. Low cost does not mean that quality is compromised at any point.Here are three categories of dog food, depending on the age of your pet, offered by Hill’s Pet Nutrition: Ideal Balance Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Dinner: This product helps in the proper development of the puppy. Included in its benefits are brain development through the DHA content of the fish oil used in the food, healthy immune function through the Vitamins E and C content, healthy digestive system through the high fiber content, healthy skin and coat and lean muscles and ideal body weight are maintained through regular intake of this food. Ideal Balance Adult Chicken and Brown Rice Dinner: The ideal balance range for adult dogs is the same as the one for puppies. The only difference is that the amounts of the nutrients are suitable for adult dogs age ranging from 1 year to 7 years of age. Mature Adult Savory Stew with Chicken & Vegetables The Mature Adult Dog range includes mostly nutrients that are required for dogs aged more than 7 years to digest their foods properly and to maintain health musculature. Hills Pet Food specializes in this type of dog food. Apart from these categories, the company also offers 77 different products for dogs alone. All of these can be bought online from us.
  • Iams
  • James Wellbeloved

    James Wellbeloved: The Right Nutrition for your Beloved Pet

    If you are looking to buy premium pet food, James Wellbeloved is the choice you should consider making. Although this brand costs a little more than many other brands of similar size bags or types of pet food, but the high quality ingredients included in the various recipes not only fill up your pet faster, they also ensure that your pet feels fuller for longer. This means that in the long run, James Wellbeloved dog food or for that matter, cat or ferret food will not really be more expensive than other brands.

    Based in Somerset, UK, James Wellbeloved was established with the aim of providing healthy nutrition for dogs that were prone to allergies and gastric problems. Today, the product line has grown to include cat and ferret food. The primary attraction of buying James Wellbeloved dog food, cat food or ferret food is the use of only natural ingredients. With no artificial chemicals and preservatives in the food, you can be sure that you are buying hypoallergenic food for your pet. Benefits of James Wellbeloved Dog Food The right balance of natural vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients helps to ensure that you pet is fit and healthy.

    Here are some of the specific advantages you stand to gain when you choose to buy James Wellbeloved dog food online or offline:

    • Stronger bones, joints and muscles
    • Weight management, especially for breeds that tend to become overweight. Excess weight can lead to many associated health problems in the dog, and can even prove fatal if not taken care of in time.
    • The right balance of essential oils and minerals ensures healthy skin and a glossy coat.
    • Health teeth, through the prevention of tartar and bad breath.
    • Bright and clear eyes
    • An attentive, energetic and happy pet

    James Wellbeloved Pet Food: The All-Natural Ingredients All James Wellbeloved food formulas contain only a single source of protein. This helps to minimize the risk of allergic reactions in dogs. There also are certain ingredients that are completely “banned” in these products, such as artificial preservatives, chemicals and additives, dairy, eggs, pork, beef, wheat and soy. The ingredients that the company is proud to include in its formulas include: • White Fish – This is not only an excellent source of protein but also rich in omega-3 fatty acid that lower the risk of heart related diseases. • Duck – This is another rich source of protein that is easy to digest. • Lamb – This is a hypoallergenic source of protein. • Turkey – Easy to digest, turkey is gentle on the stomach and full of the goodness of white meat. • Potatoes – This helps to balance the amino-acids present in proteins obtained from meat and fish. It is also a good source of non-meat based protein. • Brown and Pearl Rice – This is gentle on the stomach, easy to digest and a great source of carbohydrates. • Sugar Beet – The essential dietary fiber can be naturally included in each meal with sugar beet. This proves to be good for intestinal health. • Alfalfa – Rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants, Alfalfa also provides the essential dietary fiber and trace minerals. • Yucca Extract – No meal is complete without this natural deodorizer. Emptying litter boxes and scooping up poop need be such a dirty job anymore. • Cranberries – These have proved to be good for the health of the urinary tract. • Tomatoes – Another rich source of antioxidants, tomatoes are also used for their lycopene content. • Natural Seaweed – To aid the process of digestion, natural seaweed is included for its content of iodine, rare trace elements and gums. • Chicory – This ingredient has a positive effect on maintaining healthy gut flora. • Oats – This cereal is packed with soluble fiber that will ensure intestinal health in your pet. • Carrot – Apart from the content of Vitamin A that carrots are known for, they are also a rich source of natural fiber. • Peas – Like potatoes, peas contain non-meat protein and are a great source of energy. • Linseed – Omega 3 fatty acids from linseed promote a thick, shiny coat and prevent excess shedding. • Olive Oil – This ingredient is used for is content of monounsaturated fatty acids. James Wellbeloved: The First British Ferret Food Maker Ferrets are high in energy but have a shorter digestive tract than dogs and cats. They are carnivores that need meat-based protein in their daily diet. James Wellbeloved was the first British pet food manufacturer to launch a dry formula for expressly for ferrets. Ferret Complete uses turkey meat as the main source of protein and has a higher protein content that cat or dog food, at 36%. Whole ground linseed is also included in the ferret food formula to promote a soft, glossy coat. Many ferret owners resort to feeding their pets raw meat, which is difficult to keep fresh and can lead to stomach upsets. James Wellbeloved’s Ferret Complete solves these problems and offers the additional benefit of faeces that are less smelly. The addition of a natural source of Mono-Oligo-Saccharides helps to strengthen the ferret’s immune system and maintain healthy gut flora. It also lowers the build up of various types of pathogens, such as E.coli and salmonella. The most convenient option is to buy James Wellbeloved online. You can get great discounts and have the pet food delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Pedigree
    Pedigree Dog Food: For a Healthy, Happy PoochOne of the oldest brands of pet food, Pedigree dog food traces its origins back to 1934, when Mars Confections acquired Chappel Brothers. As a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated, Pedigree manufactures four types of pet foods: Pedigree, Pal, Kitekat and Whiskas. The wide publicity campaigns and the availability of these products in almost every store that stocks pet products has made this brand well known even among people who are not dog owners.However, this is also one brand that has received a lot of criticism. This is mainly due to the inclusion corn, wheat, chemical preservatives and artificial colors in the pet food formulas. Corn is difficult to digest for dogs, while wheat might lead to food allergies in some dogs. On the other hand, there are also many pet owners who have not had any negative experiences with Pedigree dog food.The Pedigree Dog Food Product Range1. Pedigree Puppy Food – This is meant for pups below the age of 12 months. This formula contains 11% fat and 27% protein. 2. Pedigree Little Champions Puppy Complete – This formula contains 4% fat and 9% protein and is meant for puppies below the age of 12 month. 3. Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition – This formula is suitable for all breeds of adult dogs. It contains 10% fat and 21% protein. 4. Pedigree with Chicken, Rice & Vegetables – This is also suitable for all breeds of adult dogs. It contains 12% fat and 26% protein. 5. Pedigree with Lamb & Rice – This formula contains 12% fat and 22% protein and is suitable for all breeds of adult dogs. 6. Pedigree Small Breed Mini Crunchy Bites – With small size kibble and 9% fat and 21% protein, this formula is meant for adult dogs of small breeds. 7. Pedigree Large Breed Nutrition – With 10% fat and 22% protein, this food is designed for adult dogs of large breeds. 8. Pedigree Senior Complete Nutrition – Mature dogs, above the age of seven years have special needs when it comes to diet and nutrition. This formula contains 8% fat and 24% protein. 9. Pedigree Weight Maintenance – Dogs that are prescribed a diet that is lower in fat can be fed this formula. It contains 7% fat and 25% protein.Pedigree Dog Food: The Ingredients The primary ingredients of Pedigree dog food are: • Ground Whole Corn • Corn Gluten Meal • Meat and Bone Meal • Animal Fat (preserved with BHA/BHT) • Ground Wheat • Wheat Mill Run • Wheat Flour • Natural Poultry FlavorAlthough Pedigree isn’t the cheapest dog food available today, it is priced lower than most other brands. This makes it a good choice for people who need to keep a check on their budget. We all would like to give our children the best and dogs are no less than a human child, when it comes to the love and care we shower on them. If you are looking for the right balance on price and quality for your little furry child, Pedigree is the way to go. Pedigree dog food has become a household name with its appealing advertising. So much so that a new pet owner probably goes to the store looking to buy Pedigree dog food and then realises that there is a whole world of dog food out there
  • Royal Canin

    Royal Canin Dog Food

    Royal Canin is a specialised pet food that has a breed specific range of pet food. Royal Canin has a history of forty years in pet health and nutrition. The company collaborates with experts from across the world to research and develop innovative and high quality pet food for dogs and cats. It is a pioneer of specialized large breed dog food. Royal Canin is a brand that we would definitely recommend. They have a range of pet food that is breed specific, size specific and prescription diet specific as well. All their products have the protein level contained in them mentioned with the product name on the packaging. Healthy dogs come from healthy puppies.

    Royal Canin specializes particularly in puppy food. During the crucial developmental stages, dogs need well balanced food that ensures the healthy development of muscles, a shiny coat of fur and strong bones. Large breeds in particular need the right diet for healthy growth. For this purpose, Royal Canin succeeds in providing the right kind of nutrition needed by any breed, at each stage of development.

    Benefits of Royal Canin Pet Food
    Some of the key benefits of Royal Canin Pet food are:

    • Breed Specific: Royal Canin is amongst the few brands of dog food that provide products that are breed specific and developed keeping in mind the special requirements of a particular breed.
    • Ingredients: Their pet food contains the basic ingredients of chicken meal, rice, chicken fat and whole grains. It is low on filler ingredients, making it a very healthy option for your pet.
    • Nutritional Values: Royal Canin pet food has a large range of products with different nutritional values. They also have a range of prescription diet products for pets with special needs or health conditions.
    • Range: While the Royal Canin range is not as exhaustive as some other pet food brands, it is very exclusive. Pet owners are unlikely to get confused with what product to choose!

    Certain breeds require balanced growth so that their bone structure and musculature grows in tandem with each other. Imbalance in growth can result in severe weight problems and muscle problems as the dog approaches adulthood. This is particularly true of large breeds, where weight maintenance is very essential. For this purpose, Royal Canin offers pet food that caters to the growth needs of specific breeds. Some key advantages of the brand are:

    • The large breed puppy food has Lcarnitine, an ingredient that helps in the burning of fat, therefore assisting in maintaining a healthy weight level.
    • Immunity boosters such as Mannan-Oligosaccharides (MOS) are included along with Vitamin E and C.
    • Inclusion of Sodium Tripolyphosphate helps in the maintenance of dental health of the dog.
    • They also have size specific kibble for smaller breeds. Products For puppies of large and small breeds, Royal Canin offers two products:
    • Digest and Skin DS Puppy: This product is for small breed puppies from weaning to adulthood, and for large breed puppies till the age of five months. The food is dry and highly digestible, and has been formulated for optimal growth. The food has a combination of pantothenic acid, niacin, choline, inositol and histidine, minerals that help in the reduction of transepidermal water loss and strengthens the barrier effect of the puppy’s skin.
    • Digest and Osteo Large Breed Puppy: This product is for large breed dogs over the age of five months. The ingredients include a blend of specific nutrients to help the regulation of intestinal transit and for the support of the digestive flora. The product is also enhanced with glucosamine and chondroitin. These help in the healthy development of the dog’s joints.

    Royal Canin caters to thirteen breeds of dogs and three breeds of cats. Amongst the dogs, the following breeds are catered to: 1. Boxer 2. Chihuahua 3. Cocker Spaniel 4. Dachshund 5. English Bulldog 6. German Shepherd 7. Golden Retriever 8. Labrador Retriever 9. Miniature Schnauzer 10. Poodle 11. Pug 12. Shih Tzu 13. Yorkshire Terrier Products for cats cater to the following breeds: 1. Maine Coon 2. Persian 3. Siamese However, this is not all, Royal Canin offers regular cat food for various types of kittens and cats.

  • Purina

    Purina Pro Plan Dog Food

    Every pet owner knows that having a pet is an investment. You invest your time, effort, emotions and finances in your little bundle of furry delight. And no matter what, the health of your pet comes first. So, investment in the right kind of food is an important part of raising your pet. The formative years are easy to handle. Given the right nutrition and adequate amounts of exercise, your pet will grow up to be strong, healthy and active. However, as maturity approaches, some dogs are prone to certain illnesses. At this point, the right diet plays a key role in the recovery of your pet. The Purina pet food range covers dietary needs for some ailments that your dog is likely to experience as it grows old.

    Originally owned by Ralston, Purina was taken over by Nestlé in 2001. The products manufactured by Purina are priced competitively and fall within the budget of most pet owners. Compared to some of the other products in the market, Purina pet food is very affordable. The company has been ranked as the Number Two pet food company by Best Dog Food Guide.

    Purina offers four types of dog food: Purina One, Purina Pro Plan, Beneful, VitaLife

    Purina have a good range of puppy and adult dog food. The different product lines have their own benefits, while some key benefits of the overall Purina experience are:

    Balanced Diet: Purina products offer balanced nutrition levels, perfect for puppies and adult dogs alike. Their products are designed to cater to the health and developmental needs of all the stages of development of dogs.

    Special Needs: The Purina range for pets with special needs has proven to be very effective, particularly for pets with kidney and coat trouble.

    Probiotics: There is a need for some amount of probiotic intake by pets as well. The Fortiflora Probiotics of Dogs and Cats by Purina is a product that is well priced and ideal for your pets. It comes in a powder form and should be mixed with the pet food. Apart from these, there are a few specific products that are particularly good for mature dogs with special dietary needs: NF Kidney Function Canine Formula Like humans, dogs are prone to health problems in their older years. In particular, the renal functioning gets affected. Purina NF Kidney Function Canine Formula is low in sodium, protein and phosphorus. It has additional potassium and serves as a good source of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

    How does it work? The Formula helps your pet battle kidney failure by decreasing the levels of production of nitrogenous waste products. The formula contains lower amounts of sodium, the regulation of which becomes difficult for the kidneys with age. So, with reduced levels, the formula compensates for the kidney’s inability to process it properly. Benefits Apart from Kidney Function Help The NF Kidney function formula also helps in combating hypertension, renal failure, heart failure and hepatic disorder, apart from just kidney disease and failure. However, consulting a veterinarian is essential when considering dietary changes for these specific conditions in your pet. Purina One Senior The Purina One Senior range for dogs is specifically designed to assist mature dogs stay healthy. Their Maturity Senior Formula works towards improving all areas of the dog’s life, including the skin and coat. As dogs mature, their fur loses its luster and shine. Purina One Senior helps mature dogs received the right balance of nutrients to ensure a healthy coat and body. What is Included in it? The Purina One Maturity range has a product called Vibrant Maturity, a formula that contains omega-3 fatty acids and added oils and Vitamin E. These are ingredients that help improve and maintain the condition of the coat. What are its Benefits? As certain breeds age, their bodies are unable to produce oils and minerals that are required to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Their coats become dull and dry. This can result in skin conditions or itching, which can in turn lead to other problems. The formula of this product helps maintain the levels of nutrients required to avoid these conditions. Apart from these two products there are several benefits offered by Purina pet food to dogs of any breed and size. The key advantages of the Purina PetFood range are:

    Large Breed Formula Advantages: The large breed food contains a higher level of fat content. This is required because large breeds burn fat faster and therefore need a larger dose of it to maintain their calorie levels.

    Antioxidant Levels: Dogs require a good amount of antioxidants to negate the effects of free radicals that affect their health in advanced age. The Purina One formula contains the right amount of antioxidants, based on the requirements and age of the dog.

    Fibre Content: With age the digestive system of your pet slows down, becoming less efficient. So, as the dog ages, it requires higher fibre content to ensure proper metabolism of the food. For this purpose, Purina pet food has products that are high or low in fibre content, based the size and age of the dog it is meant for. The Purina range is extensive and serves dogs and cats of all ages and life stages.

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  • Arden Grange
    Arden Grange Dog Food: Only the Best for your PetIf you love your dog more than most family members, want only the best for it, Arden Grange Dog Food is what you should be buying! Classified as super premium dog food, Arden Grange might seem like it is only meant for those who aren’t worried about the budget. Of course, if you look at all the health benefits and the stronger immune system that this brand of pet food provides, you could actually be saving on visits to the Vet. So, in the long run, if you buy Arden Grange dog food, it might not turn out to be that expensive.Arden Grange Dog Food: What Dogs Need Dogs are not that different from human beings. They experience stress just like us, they age and suffer from all the pollutants in the environment and they love unexpected treats! Who can resist those huge eyes and slobbering tongue when they smell their favorite treats? What all this essentially means is that just like humans, dogs too need healthy food that takes care of their diverse needs. This is why you should consider buying Arden Grange dog food. Some of the basic characteristics of this brand of pet food are:• It promotes a healthy immune system. • It caters to dogs that need a special nutrition plan, depending on their breed, size, age and temperament. • It ensures that the dog’s daily caloric needs are met. • Both dry and wet versions are available. • Each formula contains the necessary content of nutrients, including proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fats. • It caters to the specific life stage your dog might be in. You can choose for puppy, adult and senior dog food varieties according to the size and breed of your dog.Arden Grange: The All New Wet Food Range The recently launched super-premium wet food range is called Partners and contains natural fresh meat, fresh vegetables and the required content of vitamins and minerals to ensure a wholesome meal for your dog.This complete wet range contains up to 70% fresh meat and all natural ingredients that are sourced from sustainable sources. The products are not tested on animals. With no artificial flavoring, preservatives, soy or dairy products included, this food is a good choice as a hypoallergenic meal. It is also completely gluten-free and safe for dogs that are prone to gluten allergies. The choices in this range include:1. Partners Fresh Chicken, Rice & Vegetables – This hypoallergenic wet dog food is available in 24 x 395 gm cans. High quality succulent chicken and wholesome vegetables make up this meal. 2. Partners Fresh Tripe, Rice & Vegetables – Using the same standards as the dry food range, this range includes succulent tripe, apart from the vegetables and rice and can be bought as 24 x 395 gm cans. 3. Partners Lamb, Rice and Vegetables – Fresh lamb accompanied by the right vegetables and rice make this meal a hypoallergenic choice of wet food of the highest quality. This too can be bought as 24 x 395 gm cans. Arden Grange Dog Food: The Comprehensive Dry Food Range The dry dog food offered by Arden Grange can be chosen depending on the age and breed of the dogs, apart from various other specific needs of your pet. If you buy Arden Grange, you can choose from:1. Puppy/Junior Foods – With smaller sized kibble that is easy to soak, this makes for a great choice while weaning puppies. It is high in caloric content as well as the essential nutrients to promote healthy growth. It can also be fed to pregnant and lactating bitches. 2. Adult Foods – You can choose from a wide range of dry foods for adult dogs containing ocean white fish, chicken, lamb and salmon. A variety of formulas are available in this range. 3. Senior Foods – A mature dog needs the right levels of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fats to ensure better health. This is why Senior Foods are lower in calories but high in L-Carnitine for enegy, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint and muscle health. Higher levels of MSM act as a natural pain killer and help to relieve stress and improve mental alertness. 4. Performance Foods – Chicken oil is the primary source of fat in these foods. They help to promote skin and coat health and ensure sustained energy. The MSM, chondriotin and glucosamine content promotes joint health in working dogs, while taurine helps heart health by strengthening the heart muscles. Rich sources of antioxidants, such as quertin, grape seed and green tea are also included, along with L-Carnitine for better stamina and endurance. 5. Premium Foods – Extremely palatable, this product is a good choice for fussy eaters. With human grade chicken and medium sized kibble, this is appropriate for all breeds. 6. Prestige Foods – This is an ideal choice for working dogs that need energy rich foods. This is also a preferred option for pregnant and lactating bitches due to its high folic acid content. No animal derivatives or by-products are used in this food. 7. Light Foods – Low in calorie and high in fiber content, this is a good choice for overweight dogs and those that need to control their weight. It is low in fat and contains easily digestible chicken and fish protein. 8. Crunchy Bite Treats – You can choose from treats that contain fresh chicken, salmon or lamb. These treats are gluten, dairy and soy free and a great way to treat your dog without ruining its appetite.