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Verm-X Poultry Wormer - 750g

Verm-X Poultry Wormer - 750g

Verm-X Herbal Poultry Pellets contain a carefully balanced selection of herbs traditionally used to help prevent internal parasites in poultry. The pellets are blended with the finest quality wheat and wheatfeed meal, barley corn and limestone flour, are sugar and salt-free and have been formulated for use during any part of the year.

Panacur Bolus - 1 Dose

Panacur Bolus - 1 Dose

Panacur cattle bolus is used for the treatment and prophylactic control of all economically important gastrointestinal roundworm infections in cattle
Imaverol - 100ml bottle

Imaverol - 100ml bottle

Imaverol is a highly effective treatment for ringworm infections in dogs, cattle and horses. Imaverol is a licensed medicine for dogs, cattle and horses.