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Equistro Equiliser for Stress in Horses - 500g Tub
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Equistro Equiliser for Stress in Horses - 500g Tub



Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Magnesium and Niacin supplement for stressed horses

Data Sheet

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  • Pack Size: - 500g
  • Target Animal: - Horse (Equine)
  • Pet Prescription Required?: - No
  • Product Name: - Equistro Equiliser for Stress in Horses - 500g Tub

More Information

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When horses with reduced reserves of certain nutrients are subjected to considerable physical strain and due to increased nutrient expenditure and sweating experience high losses. The animals show "stressed" reactions, are restless, highly nervous, perform poorly and less willingly.

The vitamins B1 and B2 and niacin play a role in supporting the nervous system in times of increased stress, along with the "anti-stress" mineral magnesium. In certain cases, a sufficient supply of L-tryptophane can also help.

Vitamin B1 is important for normal nerve tissue and heart muscle function. Especially with high-energy nutritional regimes, the supply required should be ensured by supplementation.

A 500 kg horse requires 25-60 mg of vitamin B1 every day, depending on stress load! Vitamin B6 plays a key role as a coenzyme in protein metabolism. Niacin (nicotinic acid, nicotamide) plays an important role in the metabolism of each cell. The daily requirement in horses, depending on age and performance level, is between 10 and 25 mg niacin / 100 kg of body weight.

Magnesium is known as an important neural factor. Under extreme performance pressure and consequently increased magnesium requirement, the reserves are quickly released and also immediately used up.

Increased requirements must be met with rapidly bio-available magnesium, or the stress situation will exacerbate.