Senilife Capsules for Dogs - Pot of 30

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LOW STOCK. Pot of 30 Capsules. Senilife for Dogs is a unique blend of natural antioxidants and other powerful ingredients formulated to protect dogs from cognitive decline with age

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Product Name:Senilife Capsules for Dogs - Pot of 30
Pet Prescription Required?:No
Target Animal:Dog (Canine)
Related Condition:Ageing in Dogs
Pack Size:30 Capsules

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Senilife for Dogs is a unique blend of natural antioxidants and other powerful ingredients formulated to protect pets from cognitive decline.

The unique ingredients provided in Senilife quickly improves the behavior changes associated with the brain’s aging process. Senilife is scientifically proven to show signs of improvement in less than 30 days with no negative side effects. Senilife helps older dogs and cats find the way to youth.

What is in Senilife?
The components of Senilife work synergistically and have a specific neuroprotective action to protect your pet from cognitive decline and improve the behavior signs that are often seen in senior pets. Phosphatidylserine: Improves nerve cell communication and ensures those processes continue to work effectively. Pyridoxine: Essential for normal brain development function and neuron health. Ginkgo Biloba: Improves cerebral blood flow increases glucose metabolism and has a strong antioxidant effect. Resveratrol: Antioxidant which protects neurons from toxic substances that can cause cell death. Natural Vitamin E: Antioxidant with neuroprotective potential and slows functional deterioration observed clinically in patients with cognitive decline.

How Does Senilife Work?
Each component of Senilife has specific actions to protect the brain from aging resulting in cognitive decline. Senilife’s powerful combinations of natural ingredients work together to help improve the brains function by restoring neuronal membrane fluidity modulating the cholinergic system and stimulating the synthesis and release of dopamine. Other active ingredients normalize the neurotransmitter levels and potentialize synaptic transmission. Why Pets Need Senilife When pets grow older in age their brain ages and shows signs of cognitive decline. Common signs of cognitive decline include apathy house soiling disorientation sleep cycle alteration learned behavior alteration aggressiveness decreased activitiy and excessive vocalization. When administered correctly Senilife can protect a pet’s brain from aging which in turn prevents the behavioral actions from occurring. Senilife is proven to be both efficient and fast acting with pet owners typically seeing results within 7-10 days. In a recent study Veterinarians found that 86% of owners were satisfied with the overall improvement of their pet after one month of Senilife. Senilife helps get your pet back to where they once were.

When & How to use Senilife?
Senilife should be taken at the first signs of cognitive decline or when your pet reaches middle age.The sooner the product is taken the more effective it will be in protecting your pet from cognitive decline and avoiding future complications. The regular and XL size gelatin capsules can be taken directly in the mouth or opened and mixed in with food once a day. Senilife is safe and formulated for long term use. Please consult with your veterinarian for environmental enrichment programs that can be used in combination with Senilife.