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    Zylkene for Dogs

    Zylkene for dogs is a clever, new product that is proven to help manage stress in dogs and cats. There are many common causes of stress for dogs and cats Many animals (especially cats) find change difficult to deal with and Zylkene can help facilitate adaptation to change.


    Common causes of pet stress include:
    Bonfire night
    Moving house
    Arrival of a new baby or a new pet
    A new cat moving into the outside territory
    Sudden noise e.g. thunderstorms
    Kennel or cattery stay
    Additionally, cats also find living with other cats stressful


    There are lots ofr different ways pets can show stress including:
    Posture changes e.g. crouching, dilated pupils
    Changed demeanour
    Soiling in the house
    Changes use of their environment e.g. changed resting place, reduced exploration or stopped visiting a certain part of the house
    Changes in sleep patterns
    Habits such as excessive licking and grooming
    Reduced play
    Changed interaction with humans or other pets – can be increased or decreased


    Some signs are more easily recognised than other – cats in particular show stress by ‘withdrawal’ behaviours such as hiding more and resting on a higher surface e.g. top of wardrobe rather than a chair. Some of these behaviours can also have a medical cause so it is very important to see your vet to you discuss if Zylkene is suitable for your pet. Zylkene comes in capsules which are colour coded for size. It only needs to be given once daily, and is easy to give. Simply open the capsule, and mix the palatable powder with food or a treat. Zylkène has not been associated with any side effects.


    What is Zylkene?

    Zylkene is a natural product, proven to help manage stress in cats and dogs. Zylkene quickly helps pets to cope with many challenging situations and can facilitate adaption to change. Zylkene contains the globally patented bioactive decapeptide a-casozepine, derived from milk protein casein. No side effects have been associated with the use of Zylkene and it can be given with other products.

    Zylkene is available in the following strengths: 75mg Zylkene, 225mg Zylkene, 450mg Zylkene and now, Zylene for Horses too!

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