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Welpi - approximation to bitches milk - 250g

Welpi Puppy Milk - 250g

Welpi is suitable for rearing puppies and orphaned ones from the first day onwards and can also be used as a feed supplement. 250g Tub

PuppyStim Probiotic & Colostrum - 15ml Syringe

PuppyStim Probiotic & Colostrum - 15ml Syringe

PuppyStim is a colostrum and probiotic rich complementary feed which stimulates small, weak, underweight newborn puppies.

PuppyStim provides immediate energy supplies from fast absorbed triglycerides, essential fatty acids and glucose. Puppystim contains beneficial immuno-modulating compounds to support the development of the immune system of puppies and it's easily administered using the 15ml syringe that gives you control over the dosage.

Lactol Puppy Milk Formula - 250g

Lactol Puppy Milk Formula - 250g

Lactol Milk Formula is a vitamin-fortified milk powder for puppies.

Made from easily digestible whey proteins, Lactol Milk is easily digested and extremely palatable. It is also of optimum biological value due to the excellent amino acid content and low-temperature drying process which preserves fragile protein structures. Because of this more of the protein in Lactol can be utilized by growing puppies.