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What is Laminitis in Horses?

The incidences of laminitis in horses, ponies and donkeys are rising. Laminitis is a common, extremely painful condition affecting the tissues (laminae) bonding the hoof wall to pedal bone in the hoof. The disease is frequently recurrent and has significant welfare implications for owners. In some cases laminitis can be managed successfully, but left untreated it may affect other parts of the body such as the liver and kidneys. More than 7% of equine deaths are linked to laminitis and many animals have to be euthanased.

The first sign of a horse with laminitis is abnormal posture. This is often called 'sore'. The horse will rest more weight on its forelimbs than normal, or stand with its front legs spread to take weight off the heels. This may also be accompanied by lying down more frequently or shifting weight from one foot to another in an attempt to ease the pain.

Farriers Formula - 5kg Bucket

Farriers Formula - 5kg Bucket

Farrier's Formula was developed to provide the nutrients needed to enable horses to build strong tendons, ligaments, bones and joints