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KittyStim Probiotic & Colostrum - 15ml Syringe

KittyStim Probiotic & Colostrum - 15ml Syringe

Kittystim for kittens is a specially formulated supplement designed to provide newborn kittens with the essential nutrients they need for a healthy start in life. Colostrum, the key component of Kittystim, plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being and development of kittens during their initial days.

Colostrum, often referred to as 'first milk,' provides a rich source of antibodies (immunoglobulins) and growth factors. It is critical for the development of a robust immune system, protection against pathogens, and promoting growth and tissue repair in kittens. Kittystim for Cats contains colostrum, thereby providing kittens with these significant benefits.

The science behind Cat Kittystim is rooted in the understanding of the importance of colostrum in the early stages of a kitten's life. Kittens, like many newborn mammals, are born with an immature immune system. Colostrum is packed with antibodies that act as a protective barrier against various diseases, giving the immune system time to develop and mature.

Cimicat Cat Milk Substitute - 250g

Cimicat Cat Milk Substitute - 250g

Cimicat is a scientifically prepared milk substitute for cats of all ages helping to give cats and kittens a smooth, sleek fur and promotes good health. This essential nutrient helps kittens grow big and strong. Complemented by lots of tender loving care, it gives your kitten the best start to life.