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Dog Behavioural Problems - Supplements to help Dog Behaviour - Pet Medicine


A range of products and supplements to help with a variety of pet behavioural issues such as stool eating, firework stress, chewing and travel sickness.

Dog behavioural problems can be quite complex and may indicate an underlying medical issue. For example, stool eating in some case can indicate a nutritional deficiency in your dog's diet, or chewing could indicate anxiety.

Copro Nil Powder - 100g

Copro Nil Powder - 100g

Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid is a harmless supplement that can be added to your pet’s regular food to help prevent Coprophagia (the eating of faeces by an animal).

Calmex for Dogs - 12 Capsules

Calmex for Dogs - Pack of 60

Calmex for Dogs is a NEW calming supplement which contains a unique combination of amino acids, B Vitamins and a psychoactive plant extract from Piper methysticu. Calmex for Dogs 60 Capsules