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RCVS Registered: 7025700
Run by a qualified team of Vets
First Class Delivery only £3.99
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Frequently Asked Questions

VetDispense is a UK-based online Pet Dispensary. We sell a complete range of Vet Supplies and Pet well-being products, from Animal Medicines and Pet Medication to Pet Supplements and Pet Supplies all at substantially lower prices than your Vet. We have been a trusted Pet Dispensary since 2008, helping thousands of customers to save money.

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Is the medication you sell the same as my Vet supplies me?
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Absolutely! We use the same wholesalers as every Vet in the UK, but we buy medication in larger quantities and can pass on this saving to our customers.

How long will my order take to arrive?
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For UK orders we only ever use Royal Mail first class (or Special Delivery for refrigerated orders). This means that 93% of orders arrive the day after we dispatch them.

For international orders we use Royal Mail 'tracked and signed'. This premium service usually takes 3-5 days to reach Europe and 5-7 days to reach other countries, but can vary due to delays with customs.

Can my prescription be repeated?
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It depends on the wording of your prescription. Prescriptions for some medications (such as Controlled Drugs) cannot be repeated and will only be valid for 28 days. For other medications your prescription might be valid for multiple repeats at your Vet's discretion. This will be written on the prescription.

Prescriptions marked "single use only" cannot be used more than once.

Can I return unused medication?
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You can return medication to us for disposal, but we are unable to refund any returned medication as it cannot be legally resold.

The medication we supply has been stored correctly in our RCVS-registered premises and has a direct chain of supply from the manufacturer, thus eliminating any possibility of tampering.

Can I order a prescription medication without a prescription?
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Definitely not! Prescription-only medications can be harmful to you or your pet if used incorrectly or irresponsibly.

For this reason, only a Veterinary Surgeon can diagnose a condition and advise on a suitable treatment.

Before we can dispense these medications we will need to see your written Veterinary Prescription, even if you have had the medication before from your Vet. This is because your pet's requirement for a certain medication may change over time.

Are you registered with the VMD and RCVS?
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Yes! We are registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), our practice number is 7025700. Our premises are also registered with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), our VMD registration number is: 2029797. We undergo periodic inspections to ensure we are storing, dispensing and packaging our medicines correctly.

Furthermore, ALL of our staff are either trained Veterinary Surgeons or AMTRA 'RAMAs' (Registered Animal Medicines Advisors)

Do you accept non-UK prescriptions?
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If your order is to be delivered to a UK address and contains prescription-only items, then only a prescription signed by a UK-registered Vet is acceptable. They will have the initials MRCVS after their name.

For international orders, a prescription from your own local Vet is acceptable.

Please contact us if you need any further information.

Do you send orders abroad?
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Yes. We have sent thousands of orders abroad. The only exceptions are heavy items and medicines that need to be refrigerated, such as Cytopoint.

All orders are well packaged and usually take 3-5 days to arrive to European destinations and 5-10 days to the rest of the world.