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Behaviour & Training

Adaptil DAP Diffuser for Dogs with one 48ml Vial

Adaptil Calm Diffuser for Dogs with 48ml Vial

The Adaptil Diffuser is a discreet plug-in which bathes the home in a synthetic copy of the 'canine appeasing pheromone', a natural product proven to comfort both puppies and adult dogs.

Adaptil - DAP 60ml Spray

Adaptil Calm Travel Spray - 60ml

Adaptil Transport Spray is a synthetic copy of the canine appeasing pheromone. It helps puppies and adult dogs to cope with stressful situations such as travelling, new home or being left alone..

Adaptil - DAP - 48ml Refill Vial

Adaptil Calm Diffuser Refill - 48ml Vial

48ml Refill for Adaptil Diffuser. Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural canine appeasing pheromone proven to help support dogs in a range of stressful situations.