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Pet Prescription Information

Pet Prescription Information

At Vetdispense, thanks to our contacts within the veterinary medicines industry we are able to provide identical pet medications for your valued and loved pets at prices well below those of conventional veterinary practices.

These pet medicines are exactly the same as those given to you at your normal vets and under legislation, which was introduced in 2005, your veterinary surgeon is legally obliged to provide you with a written prescription. This allows you to purchase the same product from us, often saving a great deal of money.

Vets are not allowed to discriminate between clients asking for pet prescriptions and those who obtain their pet medicines directly through the practice. Veterinary surgeons are able to charge a fee for writing the pet prescription, which covers their professional time. This charge varies but the average is around £5.00.

Repeat Prescriptions

For pets suffering from chronic illness such as dog epilepsy, pet arthritis or dog diabetes, it is often cost effective to request a REPEAT prescription from your vet. This can be used as many times as the prescription states without needing to re-visit the practice. The maximum time period allowed for repeat prescriptions is 6 months for most non-scheduled medications.

Scheduled medications (such as Epiphen for Dog Epilepsy or Gabapentin) can be obtained on prescription. These prescriptions are valid for 28 days only and are not eligible for repeats.

Sending us your prescription

Pet Prescriptions can be scanned and either uploaded or e-mailed to us at or faxed to us on 01234 817534. To help us to pair your prescription with your order, please write your order number on the top of the prescription, or include it in the email subject.

Alternatively, prescriptions can be posted to us at:

Unit 2 Airfield Road Trading Estate
Airfield Road
NN29 7XA

All prescriptions for scheduled drugs (such as Epiphen for epileptic dogs) must be posted to us directly. In these circumstances, we need to hold the original prescription to comply with Home Office legislation. These prescriptions are valid for 28 days only.

Where to find a prescription?

Click here to download our prescription template for your vet to use. Many vets however prefer to use their own prescriptions, which is fine by us.

Non-Prescription Pet Medicines

Many of the pet medicines and pet supplements you can find on our site do not require a pet prescription from your vet and our team of fully qualified vets can provide you with any additional support or information you require via e-mail.

How long will it take to receive the medication?

Once your order is placed with us, we will only be able to dispatch your medicine on receipt of a valid prescription. Once we receive this, the medication is normally dispatched within 24 hours. However, very occasionally and due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be delays (e.g. postal strikes or manufacturing delays) We always advise that you order new medication supplies around 1-2 weeks before your current supply runs out. Occasionally we may also need to contact your veterinary surgeon to verify some of the details written upon the prescription.

I have ordered a prescription-only medication but do not have a valid prescription. How do I get a refund?

All of our prescription-only medicines are clearly labeled as such and all feature the following statement in red text on the product page:
"This medication may only be supplied with a valid veterinary prescription, issued by your vet. You should only purchase this item if you have or are in the process of arranging such a prescription. See information bar for further details."

If you still go ahead and order such a medication without a prescription, you would need to telephone or e-mail us to arrange a refund.

Please note that should you place an order for a prescription-only medicine but be unable to supply a valid prescription, we reserve the right to retain up to and including 15% of the total cost of the order to cover our re-stocking and merchant services (card processing) costs.

If your order is to be delivered to a UK address and contains prescription-only items, then only a prescription signed by a UK-registered Vet is acceptable. They will have the initials MRCVS after their name.

For international orders, a prescription from your own local Vet is acceptable.

Please contact us if you need any further information.