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Bird Supplements - Give your bird the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal health


Bird Supplements - Vitamins and Nutrition for your Bird

We sell a comprehensive range of bird supplements and non-prescription medications for birds and our range is growing all the time. If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us a message and we will do our best to find a product through one of our wholesalers.

Bird health vitamins and minerals for your birds. Birds need a balanced diet of seeds, fruits, vegetables, and proteins to stay healthy. But even if you provide the best food for your feathered friend, all birds need more than just the basics. Even if your bird is eating pellets, seed and other high-quality foods, it doesn’t mean that he is getting the proper vitamins and minerals for optimal health. This can lead to problems with plucking, moulting, and general health in some cases

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement offers all the vitamins your pet needs. Containing 11 minerals, 12 vitamins and important trace elements; it helps to promote optimum health. The vionate vitamin powder for pets is easy to use and made from the finest ingredients available, making it the perfect daily supplement for your pet. 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 500g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 500g

Vionate is a powdered nutritional supplement made by vets. It contains 11 minerals and 12 vitamins in a palatable base which can be easily added to your pet's food or drink. Vionate is recommended by vets and is regularly used in zoos around the world. 500g Tub

Zolcal-F - 120ml

Zolcal F - 120ml

120ml Zolcal-F is a complementary feed of calcium and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation in birds, reptiles and rabbits.

If you have an animal, such as a bird or small pet, that requires additional calcium in their diet, Zolcal-F is the solution. It is a calcium supplement that can provide benefits over long periods of time, as well as being easy to administer. You can mix it into their water or food in order to help improve their digestive health and strengthen bones.

Zolcal-F - 120ml

Zolcal F - 500ml

500ml Zolcal-F is a complementary feed of calcium and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation in birds, reptiles and rabbits.

Zolcal-F is a liquid supplement that can be added to the feed or water of birds and animals. Zolcal-F allows you to easily add calcium and vitamin D3 to your pet's diet, making sure they get all the nutritional support they need.



Vetark Avipro Avian - 100g

Vetark Avipro Avian - 100g

Avipro Avian is a blend of probiotics, prebiotics and a selection of essential vitamins (A,C and E). The probiotics work to improve the gut health of birds by allowing the friendly bacteria to re-establish and thrive. These beneficial bacteria are vital for digesting food, producing certain vitamins, and protecting the gut from harmful bacteria.

Prebiotics are essentially the food for the friendly bacteria. They foster a suitable environment in the gut, ensuring that the beneficial bacteria can thrive and multiply. With the support of prebiotics, Avipro for Birds boosts the bird’s gut health, establishing a robust digestive system.

Additionally, Avipro Avian contains a trio of essential vitamins - A, C, and E. These vitamins play critical roles, from supporting the immune system to antioxidant protection. When birds undergo stress or any veterinary treatments, these vitamins often deplete. Avipro Avian ensures that these vitamins are replenished, supporting the bird's overall health.