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Pet Shop Items

We offer an extensive range of pet store items for your Cat or Dog, all with fast delivery to your door.

Antos Toothbrush Mini Treats - Pack of 60

Antos Toothbrush Mini Treats - Pack of 60

Antos Toothbrush Mini Treats are 100% natural dog snacks crafted from compounded vegetable fibres. These treats come with natural colourings and boast a minimal fat content, making them a healthy choice for all breeds of dogs. Unlike regular dog treats, Antos Mini Treats for dogs are wheat and gluten-free, ensuring easy digestion even for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The unique texture of Antos Toothbrush Treats is the key to their effectiveness. As your dog chews on these treats, the bristle-like structure helps in removing plaque and tartar from their teeth. This not only aids in keeping their teeth clean but also ensures fresher breath. The knobbly shaped 'brush' end of the treat is specially designed to get into the nooks and crannies of a dog's mouth, providing a thorough cleaning experience.

Pack of 60

Antos Eurostar Medium Treats - Pack of 50

Antos Eurostar Medium Treats - Pack of 50

Dog owners looking for a natural alternative to many commercial treats can now find it in Antos's Cerea range. These tasty, low fat snacks are all vegetable based and have a minimal fat content. The vast range includes biscuits, flakes, sticks and even dental chews in a variety of shapes with added Omega 3 fatty acids.

Pro Reward Freeze-Dried Liver Treats - 50g

Pro Reward Freeze-Dried Liver Treats - 60g

Pro Reward Liver Treats for Dogs are a professionally crafted treat for dogs, designed to provide your pet with a tasty and healthy treat.

These Freeze-Dried Liver Treats are developed with the aim of providing a nutritional boost for your pet while serving as an effective training aid.

The primary component of Pro Reward Liver Treats is high-quality liver, a nutrient-rich organ that provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals. The liver is freeze-dried in a meticulous process that helps to retain its nutritional value while ensuring the treats are convenient to store and serve.