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Diagnostic Dipsticks for Cat Diabetes - Vet Medication

Diagnostic Dipsticks

Alphatrak 2 Test Strips - Pack of 50

Alphatrak 2 Test Strips - Pack of 50

AlphaTRAK 2 test strips are for use with the AlphaTRAK 2 glucose monitor system designed specifically for cats and dogs.

Using Alphatrak Test Strips is simple and convenient. The strips require only a small blood sample, which can be easily obtained from your cat or dog's ear or paw pad. The test strip is then inserted into the Alphatrak Blood Glucose Monitoring System, and within seconds, the device will display your cat or dog's current blood glucose level. This vital information allows you to make informed decisions about your pet's diet, exercise, and insulin therapy, ultimately helping you manage their diabetes more effectively.

50 Pack