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  • Canigest

    Canigest Paste for Cats and Dogs is a feed supplement for dogs and cats that combines a probiotic, prebiotics, glutamine, kaolin and pectin.

    Canigest Paste is suitable for feeding to dogs to assist in the nutritional management of digestive tract upsets.

  • Canikur
  • Diarsanyl
    Diarsanyl for Dogs is an oral paste for Cats & Dogs that naturally balances the intestinal flora of animals and coats the intestinal mucosa. Diarsanyl's new formula includes PreBiotics that naturally balance the intestinal flora of animals. Diarsanyl is a nutritional Supplement as an Aid in Coating the Intestinal Mucosa. Diarsanyl is the first montmorillonite-based nutritional supplement in a palatable paste for cats and dogs. In fact montmorillonite has two specific properties; coating of the intestinal mucosa and adsorption to eliminate toxins. Diarsanyl is presented in three convenient presentations in an oral syringe of 10ml 24ml and 60ml.
  • Colaid
  • Entrodex

    Entrodex Probiotic

    Entrodex Probiotic is a pet supplement that contains guaranteed viable friendly bacteria - Vitamins A D and B complex - electrolytes and a source of dietary energy from soluble carbohydrate. Entrodex has been independently proven to contain more robust viable friendly bacteria than many other branded probiotics.

    Use Entrodex regularly at 5g (one measure or teaspoonful) per litre of fresh clean drinking water and see the difference that makes all the difference. Entrodex can be administered via the drinking water or added to moist food

  • Fortiflora
  • Homeopet Digestion
  • Lactulose
  • Laxapet
  • Lectade Sachets
  • Lypex
  • Normacol
  • Pancrex
  • Panzym
  • Peridale

    Peridale Granules for Dogs

    Peridale Granules are a bulking agent for the control of stool consistency in Dogs, Peridale granules can be used in cats though you will need to halve dose rate.

    Peridale Granules can be used after surgery or the management of 'always full' or infected anal glands. An adequate supply of drinking water is essential during treatment. The granules may be sprinkled over the food or placed dry on the tongue.

    Peridale Dose guideline: 1 level teaspoon per 10 Kg (22 lbs) bodyweight, once or twice daily as required.
    Active ingredient: Sterculia BP 98%

  • Protexin
  • Provita
  • Tryplase Capsules
  • Kaogel Kaolin