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  • Energy Builder
  • Equistro Equaliser

    Equistro Equiliser for Horses is rich in l-Tryptophan and organic magnesium, as well as B vitamin complexes. Equistro Equiliser helps to calm 'hot headed' horses and maintain a postitive mental state during the competition period.

  • Equistro Legaphyton
  • Zylkene Equine
  • Equistro Flexadin
  • Equistro Megabase
    Equistro Mega Base is a complementary vitamin and mineral supplement designed for horses fed on a traditional cereal-based diet in normal maintenance and work conditions. Mega Base is a mineral complementary feeding stuff adapted to the physiological needs of horses. It contains calcium and phosphorus at adapted levels as well as key vitamins, minerals and readily assimilated elements (IPALIGO) and the prebiotic (BIO-MOS). The components have been specifically selected to optimally supply the skeleton, connective tissues and joint cartilage with key elements to help the horse maintain normal structure for as long as possible. Given regularly, Mega Base covers the basic needs for minerals in all horses, particularly those fed on concentrates (pellets). By adapting the daily supply, the increasing needs are equally met during rearing or during the breaking in period.
  • Equistro Respadril
  • Equistro Triforce
  • Equitop Health Supplements
  • Haemolytan Element Concentration
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