Danilon .

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Danilon sachets for horses

What is Danilon Equidos?
Danilon Equidos is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug very similar to Bute for treatment of pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal conditions in the horse eg. osteoarthritic conditions, bursitis, laminitis and soft tissue inflammation. Danilon contains Suxibuzone, which is sim...

Danilon sachets for horses

What is Danilon Equidos?
Danilon Equidos is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug very similar to Bute for treatment of pain and inflammation associated with musculoskeletal conditions in the horse eg. osteoarthritic conditions, bursitis, laminitis and soft tissue inflammation. Danilon contains Suxibuzone, which is similar to Bute for Horses, but is sugar coated to make it more palatable. Danilon is also believed to be easier on the Horse's stomach i.e. less risk of ulcers. Danilon is a prescription-only medication and is only available on receipt of a valid veterinary prescription.

How does Danilon for horses work?
Danilon is a prodrug of the non steroidal anti inflammatory drug phenylbutazone (sometimes referred to as bute)?. Danilon is a member of a group of anti-inflammatory medications known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). These medicines inhibit enzymes called cyclo-oxygenase or COX 1 and 2 which are involved in protective mechanisms within the body and inducing inflammation respectively. NSAIDs generally aim to be COX-2 selective.

Danilon is more palatable than other pain killing medications and will be readily eaten with the horse's normal hard feed.

What conditions are Danilon equidos used to treat?
Danilon is an effective teatment for inflammatory pain. Common causes of inflammation in horses are osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, laminitis, bursitis, ligament or tendon sprains and strains. Danilon is also useful for treating post-operative pain or as pain relief following wounds and injuries.

A Veterinary Prescription is required for Danilon

Danilon Equidos is a medication for horses that is used to treat muscular pain and inflammation, such as that which can occur as part of conditions such as laminitis, osteoarthritis, bursitis and soft tissue inflammations. Danilon is classed as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, or NSAID.

Danilon comes in powder form, in individual sachets for addition to food.

More about Danilon

The active ingredient in Danilon is called Suxibuzone, which is a prodrug of phenylbutazone, meaning that when Danilon is administered it is inactive, becoming activated by the horse’s normal digestive and metabolic processes.

Suxibuzone is metabolised by the liver, turning it into a form of phenylbutazone and oxyphenbutazone, both of which are effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. Administration of Danilon as opposed to phenylbutazone itself has been shown to potentially produce less incidences of stomach upsets and digestive problems in horses prescribed such medications.

The action of Danilon is anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, analgesic to reduce pain, and antipyretic to reduce inflammation, making it highly effective in the treatment and management of conditions and injuries that present with a range of different exacerbating factors, such as laminitis and osteoarthritic conditions.

How is Danilon administered?

Danilon is provided in powder form in sealed sachets, for addition to feed. The dosage guidelines for Danilon are as follows:

Using Danilon in Horses:

For a horse weighing 480kg, give two sachets twice per day for the initial two days of treatment. Following this, administer one sachet twice per day for another three days. After this time, administer one sachet once per day, or one sachet every other day, at the minimum dose necessary to provide relief.

Using Danilon in Ponies:

Ponies should be administered around half of the recommended dose of that for horses, adjusted to take into account the weight of the pony.

For a pony weighing 240kg, give one sachet daily for the initial two days, then half a sachet daily for another three days, or one sachet per day on alternate days. After the initial treatment period, reduce dosage to the lowest possible level to provide relief.

If less than one sachet is used per dose, use the provided measuring scoop to correctly measure out the right dosage. Hay should not be fed with Danilon, nor immediately prior to its administration, as hay can delay the absorption of Suxibuzone by the body, delaying its effectiveness.

If treatment with Danilon does not generate a marked improvement in condition within five days of beginning treatment, the treatment should be reviewed by your vet.

What are the advantages of Danilon?

Danilon is easy to administer to horses, and is generally well received when mixed into food. Because Danilon comes in powder form, dosages can be adjusted easily in order to fine-tune the treatment to suit the needs of each individual horse or pony.

Danilon’s active ingredient is activated by metabolism, which leads to a reduced risk of gastrointestinal side effects when compared to other forms of phenylbutazone delivery.

What horses can be given Danilon?

Danilon should only be given to the horse or pony for which it has been prescribed, and should be dosed carefully and given in accordance with your vet’s guidance.

Danilon should not be administered to horses or ponies taking part in competition, due to regulations regarding the use of phenylbutazone-based medications in competitive sport.

Danilon should not be given to horses intended for human consumption, and if Danilon has been administered, international equine passport legislation requires that the horse in question must be formally declared as such.

Water should be freely available to horses treated with Danilon, and treatment with Danilon should be avoided in horses that are dehydrated, hypotensive or hypovolemic, or classed as being at risk of renal failure. Danilon should not be prescribed to horses diagnosed with hepatic, renal or cardiac disorders, or those that may have gastrointestinal ulcers or bleeds.

The potential risk factors of Danilon are increased in horses under the age of twelve weeks or those that are elderly, and special care should be taken when treating such horses. Effective treatment with the minimal risk of problems depends heavily on ensuring that the right dose is calculated and administered correctly for each individual horse’s bodyweight, and that they are carefully monitored and their dosage reduced when possible.

How can I get Danilon?

Danilon is a POM-V medication, meaning that it is only available with a prescription from your veterinary surgeon. Your vet will assess the condition of your horse or pony and the underlying condition that necessitates the prescription of NSAIDs, and make an informed decision on the best medication to proceed with.

Once your vet has provided you with a prescription for Danilon, this can be used to purchase the medication online, and Danilon should then be administered in strict accordance with the guidance provided on the packaging, and any additional caveats that your veterinary surgeon has provided for you.