Propalin Syrup

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Propalin Syrup

Propalin for Dogs

Propalin Syrup is used for the treatment of urinary incontinence associated with urethral sphincter incompetence in the bitch.

Urinary incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine that can occur in the dog at any age and in either sex. It is particularly common in the elderly bitch. You may have been finding patches of urine where your dog has been lying, or in other places around the house. This ‘leaking’ is not under conscious control and requires treatment, not punishment

There are many factors which may contribute to urinary incontinence, including anatomy, being spayed, breed, age, size or weight. Urine is contained within the bladder and is prevented from leaking out by the urethral sphincter, which largely consists of muscle. The...