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Cat Wormers - Worming Tablets for Cats - Cat & Dog Pet Dispensary


Cat Wormers - Helping you keep your cat worm free

Regular worming treatment is crucial to help prevent parasitic infections in cats. The most common types of worms that affect cats are roundworms and tapeworms. Cats can pick up worm parasites by eating infected prey or sharing a food bowl with an infected cat, for example when out on walks or at the cattery.

Cats can become infected with worms from fleas that carry larvae so indoor cats may need worming even if they don’t go outside. They may pick up worms from fleas lurking in bedding, furniture and carpets, as well as from mice and birds they catch while hunting.

Worms can be unpleasant for cats and humans alike, but there are some simple steps you can take to keep the risk at bay. Worming your cat regularly is an easy and effective way to protect your cat from the most common types of worms: roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and heartworms, which can cause a range of health complications for cats