Regumate for Horses

Regumate for Horses .

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Regumate for Horses

Regumate for Horses

Regumate is for use in mares with significant follicular activity during the transitional period between seasonal anoestrus and in the breeding season

Horse shows are a major investment – and you’ve got less than 10 minutes in the ring to make it all pay off. That’s why it’s so important for your mare to be at the top of her ...

Regumate for Horses

Regumate is for use in mares with significant follicular activity during the transitional period between seasonal anoestrus and in the breeding season

Horse shows are a major investment – and you’ve got less than 10 minutes in the ring to make it all pay off. That’s why it’s so important for your mare to be at the top of her game every time she enters the ring. If your mare’s behavior and focus change when she’s in heat, she can not only cost you the class, she can cost you the hundreds of pounds it took to get her there.

You can help reduce undesirable changes in behavior and mood by suppressing your mare’s estrous (heat) cycle with Regumate (altrenogest). Within three days of the start of treatment, Regumate will effectively suppress estrus in 95 percent of mares (It’s important to note Regumate cannot improve your mare’s performance from what it is normally. Regumate can only eliminate hormonal distractions so she can focus on you and perform more predictably.)

Regumate the proven performer for performance mares When you’re campaigning a mare, every advantage counts. That’s why more and more trainers are turning to Regumate to suppress estrus and make their mares’ performances more predictable. Regumate effectively suppresses estrus in 95 percent of mares after 3 days of treatment. When treatment is discontinued, mares exhibiting regular estrous cycles return to estrus within 4 to 5 days following treatment and continue to cycle normally.

Regumate can help alleviate moodiness and temperament changes associated with estrus. It’s easy to administer – orally or top-dressed on grain. Talk to your Vet about proper use and safe handling of Regumate. Avoid skin contact. Always wear protective gloves when administering Regumate. This product is contraindicated for use in mares with a previous or current history of uterine inflammation. Pregnant women, or women who suspect they are pregnant, should not handle this product.

A Veterinary Prescription is required for Regumate

Use of Regumate in horses

Regumate Equine is a hormonal medication for mares, distributed in the UK by MSD Animal Health. It can be used to prevent or supress the oestrus cycle in mares, restore a regular oestrus cycle, and may also be used as a strategic tool to aid with selective or planned breeding.

Regumate contains the active ingredient altrenogest, which is a hormone that can be used to supress the oestrus cycle in mares of breeding age, while also allowing for a predictable return of the normal cycle after withdrawal of the medication. This means that the medication can be used to enable regular oestrus cycles in the mare, as well as achieving a reliable transition from the winter season’s anoestrus to the normal return to fertility of the spring and summer seasons.

Supressing the oestrus cycle with Regumate can also help with the management of various health conditions related to the oestrus cycle and reproductive system, and Regumate may also be used to facilitate planned mating during the physiological breeding season.

Why might my mare be prescribed Regumate?

There are various different indications for the use of Regumate in mares of breeding age, which your vet should discuss with you in detail. The main uses of Regumate in mares are as follows:

  • Regumate can be used to achieve regular oestrus cycles during the transitory period between winter and the breeding season. The oestrus cycle of mares with inactive ovaries will be supressed with the use of Regumate, however, such mares may not always begin to undergo regular oestrus cycles after treatment. Mares with active ovaries will generally return regular oestrus cycles after treatment with Regumate.
  • Regumate may be used to manage the behaviour of mares that exhibit prolonged oestrus cycles, supressing oestrus in mares that display undesirable behavioural changes. How soon normal oestrus cycles will return post-treatment will again depend on the ovarian activity of the individual mare in question. Mares with greater ovarian activity will generally return to normal cycles more promptly and effectively than those with inactive ovaries.
  • Regumate can be used to assist with the scheduled breeding of mares during the breeding season. Regumate is most effective for this purpose when used in mares who have actively functioning ovaries, and which undergo regular oestrus cycles. In order to achieve this, treatment should begin 20 days before the planned breeding, with a dose given daily for the first 15 consecutive days. After treatment with Regumate, ovulation will generally occur in mares with active ovaries within 5-7 days after this.

Is Regumate suitable for all mares?

Regumate is unsuitable for use in mares that have been diagnosed with a uterine infection. Clinical trials of Regumate have demonstrated that around 95% of all mares treated with Regumate will undergo oestrus suppression within three days of the commencement of treatment, however, how quickly any mare will return to normal oestrus cycles after treatment has stopped largely depends on the level of ovarian activity present when the treatment started.

Regumate should only be administered to the mare for which it has been prescribed.

How is Regumate administered?

Regumate is sold as a liquid for oral administration, and as a hormonal product, care should be taken when administering and handling the product. Wear gloves to avoid the absorption of the product via the skin. Pregnant women should avoid handling or administering Regumate.

Regumate can be added to the mare’s feed, or delivered directly by mouth using the supplied syringe. Regumate is supplied with a pre-marked dosing syringe, and the appropriate dosage should be drawn up into the syringe and carefully checked. A dosage cap for adding Regumate to food is also provided, and if adding to food, the appropriate dose should then be poured into the measuring compartment.

Are there any side effects?

Regumate is generally extremely well tolerated by mares, and is highly unlikely to produce any undesirable side effects. While the product is not designed for use in mares that are already in foal or that are producing milk, no negative effects have been observed in either the mare or the foal in conjunction with the use of Regumate.

Adverse reactions to Regumate are extremely rare, and there are no specific observed side effects or reactions recorded in relation to the medication.

The use of Griseofulvin for your mare may alter the effects of Regumate if the two products are administered concomitantly.

How can I get Regumate for my horse?

Regumate is a POM-V medication, which means that you will require a veterinary prescription in order to buy it. Once your vet has approved the use of Regumate for your horse, they can provide you with the necessary prescription to enable you to buy Regumate from us.