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Selgian 20mg for Dogs - Selgian for Dogs - 4mg 10mg 20mg Selgian Tablets for Anxiety in Dogs

Selgian Tablets for Dogs

Selgian Tablets for Dogs - For the treatment of depression and anxiety in Dogs

Selgian Tablets are used in dogs for the treatment of behavioural disorders such as depression and anxiety. Vets can prescribe Selgian to control aggression, anxiety, separation anxiety and phobias including dog aggression, noise phobias (e.g. fireworks), travel sickness and a variety of other conditions. Selgian 20mg for Dogs are used in dogs to treat depression and anxiety.

Selgian Tablets for Dogs treat depression and anxiety in dogs. Selgian is safe to use, easy to administer and has proven effective for the treatment of behavioural disorders in dogs.

Selgian is available in the following strengths: 4mg, 10mg Selgian, 20mg