Zylkene 225mg Capsules - Pack of 100

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Zylkene is a natural product clinically proven to help dogs and cats manage stress and facilitate adaptation to change

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Product Name:Zylkene 225mg Capsules - Pack of 100
Target Animal:Dog (Canine)
Pet Prescription Required?:No
Pack Size:Pack of 100

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Zylkene is a natural product clinically proven to help dogs and cats manage stress and facilitate adaptation to change.

Many common situations and events can be stressful and many pets find change however small difficult to cope with.

Since its launch in April 2008 Zylkene has been used in many common situations which cause stress in our pets. Vets behaviourists nurses and pet owners have all found Zylkene to be a valuable asset in managing stress.

Zylkene is • Clinically proven in dogs & cats • Cost effective • Easy to give • Fast-acting • Once daily • Hypoallergenic • Preservative free • Lactose free

Zylkene has not been associated with any side effects including sedation or memory loss and is suitable for many pets.   Zylkene is manufactured to human pharmaceutical standards (GMP) and is available in three sizes – the different sized capsules are also colour coded.

Zylkene only needs to be given once daily and is very easy to give. Simply open the capsule and mix the palatable powder with your pet’s usual food or a favourite treat.  The powder is water soluble so easily mixes with liquids such as milk cream gravy or the oil from a tin of tuna.

For big dogs some owners prefer to give the capsule whole e.g. hidden in a piece of cheese. However most people find mixing the powder with their pet`s dinner or a treat to be the easiest option.

Zylkene is fast-acting and only needs to be started a day before a stressful event e.g. kennel or cattery stay. However our pets are often very clever at associating ‘cues’ with consequences e.g. your cat may learn that seeing you pack a suitcase leads to a stay in the cattery and may become stressed when she sees a suitcase. In this example ideally Zylkene would be started the day before the suitcase appeared

Zylkene 75mg: Dogs AND Cats Up to 5kg (11lb) - 1 capsule a day.
Dogs between 5-10kg (11-22lbs) - 2 capsules a day
Zylkene 225mg: Dogs between 10-20kg (22-44lb) - 1 capsule daily
Zylkene 450mg: Dogs between 20-40kg (44lb-88lb)- 1 capsule daily.
Dogs over 40kg (88lbs) - 2 capsules daily