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Small Animal Supplements for Rabbits, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs

Small Animals

Small animal supplements for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets

We sell a comprehensive range of small animal supplements and non-prescription medications for small animals and our range is growing all the time. If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us a message and we will do our best to find a product through one of our wholesalers.

Your pet's health is your number one priority, which is why we've created stock a complete range of rabbit vitamins and supplements to keep your little friend healthy and happy. These low cost rabbit vitamins and supplements are easy to feed with treats or straight from the syringe, which reduces waste. Our vitamin C for guinea pigs is a great way for your furry friend to get its daily dose of Vitamin C. Small animal supplements help to promote healthy development and wellbeing in your small pet and guinea pig. Vitamin C supports immune system, so you can have peace of mind knowing your furry little friend is staying healthy.

Zolcal-F - 120ml

Zolcal F - 120ml

120ml Zolcal-F is a complementary feed of calcium and vitamin D3 for oral supplementation in birds, reptiles and rabbits.

If you have an animal, such as a bird or small pet, that requires additional calcium in their diet, Zolcal-F is the solution. It is a calcium supplement that can provide benefits over long periods of time, as well as being easy to administer. You can mix it into their water or food in order to help improve their digestive health and strengthen bones.

Advantage for Small Cats/Rabbits

Advantage for Small Cats/Dogs/Rabbits - 4 Pack

Advantage is an effective and safe treatment for fleas and biting lice on dogs, cats and rabbits. Available as a spot on, it is easy to apply. Advantage can be used on cats and dogs from 8 weeks of age, and on rabbits from 10 weeks.

Critical Care Formula - 150g

Critical Care Formula - 150g

Your pet's wellbeing is paramount, and in times of critical health, you need a reliable solution.

Critical Care Formula for Reptiles and Birds - a bespoke blend of short chain maltodextrins and a protein concentrate supplemented with amino acids to support your pet during health crises.

Zolcal D - Calcium and Vitamin D Liquid - 120ml

Zolcal D - Calcium and Vitamin D Liquid - 120ml

Zolcal D is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to provide extra Calcium in a quick, water soluble form to birds and animals who are at risk of hypocalcemia.

Zolcal D contains a natural vitamin D that works synergistically with Calcium to improve absorption and reduce chance of kidney stones or other conditions caused by excess calcium intake.

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement offers all the vitamins your pet needs. Containing 11 minerals, 12 vitamins and important trace elements; it helps to promote optimum health. The vionate vitamin powder for pets is easy to use and made from the finest ingredients available, making it the perfect daily supplement for your pet. 120g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 500g

Vionate Vitamin Supplement - 500g

Vionate is a powdered nutritional supplement made by vets. It contains 11 minerals and 12 vitamins in a palatable base which can be easily added to your pet's food or drink. Vionate is recommended by vets and is regularly used in zoos around the world. 500g Tub