Cartrophen Vet Injectable - 10ml

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Cartrophen Vet is an anti-inflammatory injection given to dogs and horses with arthritis or degenerative joint disease. 10ml. VET PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED

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Target Animal:Dog (Canine)
Related Condition:Degenerative joint disease and arthritis in dogs
Pet Prescription Required?:Yes (For UK Orders)
Active Ingredient:Pentosan Polysulphate Sodium
Product Name:Cartrophen Vet Injection
Pack Size:Cartrophen 10ml

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Cartrophen Vet is an injection given by your vet in a similar way to a vaccine with four weekly doses. This is a convenient way to ensure that your pet receives the appropriate dosage without daily regimen. It is essential that your dog complete all 4 injections to ensure optimal benefit and modification of the disease process.

80% of pets respond quickly to the initial course with a reduction in lameness and pain and a subsequent increase in activity and well-being.

The frequency of treatment varies from once a year for mild cases and up to three times a year for severe cases.

Your veterinarian may vary this regimen to obtain the optimum reduction of arthritic symptoms.