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Nexgard Combo Spot-On for Small Cats - Pack of 3
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Nexgard Combo Spot-On for Small Cats under 2.5kg - Pack of 3



Nexgard Combo for Small Cats: Comprehensive Protection

Nexgard Combo is a spot-on solution specially formulated for cats that are at risk from or already have mixed infections caused by worms, fleas or ticks (cestodes, nematodes, and ectoparasites). Nexgard offers protection against fleas for a month and ticks for up to 5 weeks. Nexgard is effective in treating common worms such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and even ear mites.

For small cats weighing up to 2.5kg, Cat Nexgard Combo is an ideal choice. It can be safely used on kittens over 8 weeks old. The product contains active ingredients like Praziquantel, Esafoxolaner, and Eprinomectin, which work in tandem to provide the desired protective effects.

Product Features

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  • Pack Size: - Pack of 3
  • Target Animal: - Cat (Feline)
  • Related Condition: - Flea, Tick and Worm treatment for Cats
  • Pet Prescription Required?: - Yes
  • Active Ingredient: - eprinomectin, esafoxolaner, and praziquantel
  • Product Name: - Nexgard Combo Flea and Wormer for Cats

More Information

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Nexgard Combo for Cats is a unique antiparasitic medicine that targets both external and internal parasites. It contains the active ingredients eprinomectin, esafoxolaner, and praziquantel. These substances work synergistically to disrupt the nervous system of parasites, whether they are on the cat's skin or inside its body. This disruption leads to the rapid death of these pests.

Cat Nexgard Combo can kill fleas in as little as 24 hours, preventing them from laying eggs and causing further infestations.

Fleas and worms are not just minor annoyances. They can lead to significant health issues if left untreated. Fleas can cause allergic reactions, skin infections, and transmit other parasites like tapeworms. Worms can lead to weight loss, vomiting, diarrhoea, and other digestive issues. Regular use of Nexgard for Cats ensures that these pests are dealt with promptly, safeguarding your feline friend's health.

Nexgard Combo for Cats offers protection against a plethora of parasites, including heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, lungworms, vesical worms, and tapeworms. This broad-spectrum protection is what sets the Cat Nexgard Combo apart from other products in the market.

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Nexgard Combo Spot-On for Large Cats - Pack of 3

Nexgard Combo Spot-On for Large Cats over 2.5kg - Pack of 3

Nexgard Combo for Cats is a broad-spectrum spot on treatment that is not only effective against external pests like fleas and ticks but also combats internal parasites such as roundworms and tapeworms.

Using Nexgard Combo for Cats is straightforward. The spot-on solution is applied directly to the skin on the back of the cat's neck. For optimal results, part the hair to ensure the solution reaches the skin. Once applied, the Nexgard Combo gets to work, targeting both internal and external parasites.